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For beautiful, healthy and silky hair, we use many kinds of products and treatments. We don’t even realize that it needn’t to be complicated at all. Here are some very simple tips for healthy long hairs at home without much expenses.

Change your Routine

If you want to see change in your hairs, change yourself. Washing hairs after every workout session and using too much of heat tools at very high temperature are some of the common mistakes that we made.

First one will make your hairs brittle and rough and another one makes your hair damaged. Use dry shampoo (cocoa powder + corn starch before workout so that it prevents your hairs from sweat.

If you want to dry your hairs from dryer then always use heat protectant and blow dry at cool setting. It will close pores and make your hairs shiny.

Regularly Trim Hair

Haircut is so important for healthy hairs and without it, healthy hairs look rough. If you can’t go to parlour then use this tip.

Pin on Hair!!!

Take 1 inch section of your hairs and twist them. By doing this, dead ends will get separated and you can trim it from the scissors.

Natural way

Many professionals can make your hairs look like Rapunzel. But this process is expensive one. There are many natural ways which you can try.

Once in a week, use any hair oil like almond or coconut oil along with some drops of essential oil. This will help in retaining your hairs making them so beautiful to look at.

For giving them a keratin treatment, mix Gelatin to your normal shampoo. You needn’t to spend money on spas and products.

Stretch Your Shampoo Dollar And Grow Healthier Hair With A Pack Of Gelatin

A Planned Diet

Whatever we eat, it affects our hairs. The cause for hair fall might be lack of biotin and for improving this, eggs are the best as the protein and biotin present in this makes hair follicles strong.

Another source is spinach as the foliate, iron, Vitamin A&C helps in hair growth.

Berries are so important for hairs as it is full of Vitamin C and fibres which is used in production of collagen. It makes your hairs strong.

For making your hairs smooth and silky, mix ½ cup milk, ½ cup curd, little bit of vanilla powder and some berries. This smoothie for strengthening hairs makes your taste-buds and hairs happy.

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Say Yes to Yoga

Stress is not at all good for us as it makes your hairs unhealthy and results in hair fall. There are some of yoga asanas which are beneficial to us.

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Yoga for Hair Growth: 7 Effective Yoga Asanas for Hair Regrowth | Be  Beautiful India

For reducing stress, you must go for alternate nostril exercise for 8-10 times. Do this daily for healthy hairs.

You must have realised that for healthy hairs, more than parlour appointments, we must take care of them the most.

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