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If the reason for your good mood is coffee, then upgrade your regular coffee with these new and different recipes.

1. Creamy Cappuccino

Making it is somewhat hardworking. Start with taking 10 tbsp coffee and add 8-10 tbsp sugar into it. Now add 2-3 tbsp of water and start beating it with an electric whisk so as not to spend much time and if not, then get ready for your hands’ workout. It would take around 10 minutes. The mixture must be thick and its texture must get lighten up. You can store this mixture for around 10 days in the refrigerator.

How To Make Cappuccino Recipe | Leite's Culinaria

For preparing, boil the milk and put 1 tbsp of cappuccino mixture into the cup. If you want more stronger, then you can add accordingly and add hot milk and stir well.

2. Single Serving Cappuccino

If you have to make only a single cup, then take 1 tbsp coffee and ½- 1 tbsp of sugar along with some water or milk into it. Stir it well with a spoon till the color of mixture changes. After that add milk and its ready. With this method, you can make it tasty.

How to prepare the perfect Cappuccino - Beans Kaffeespezialitäten

3. Café Mocha

This café mocha is a proposal of love of chocolate to coffee. Start making with real hot chocolate which can be made only by chocolates. Add chocolate in hot milk and let it melt till it gets smooth. Now take some cappuccino mix in a cup and put your hot chocolate into it. Mix it well and enjoy your tasty café mocha.

A cafe mocha coffee with a heart in the foam Stock Photo - Alamy

4. Sweet Egg Coffee

First of all, separate egg yokes from the egg and add 1-2 tbsp of sugar. Egg yokes are so creamy that’s why they’re preferred to make coffee. Now beat it for 4-5 minutes and add condensed milk for sweetness and mix well.

Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Ca Phe Trung) - RunAwayRice

For making, boil water and add instant coffee. Put this black coffee into the mug and now add the mixture you prepared before. Mix both well and its ready.

Recipe: Homemade Vietnamese Egg Coffee

5. Masala Coffee

Start by boiling water to make this and add cinnamon, star anise and fresh orange peels till its color gets changed. Put it into a mug and add instant coffee. If you like milk, then you can add milk along with some sugar.

Fennel and Cinnamon Masala Coffee — Dine Like The Sultans
Masala Coffee – Herbs and Brews

6. Vanilla Coffee

For tasty vanilla flavour, start with 1 cup of milk and add some sugar into it and ¼ tsp vanilla essence. After that, put 1 tbsp of cappuccino mix into a mug and now pour vanilla milk over it. Your simple and delicious vanilla coffee is ready.

Vegan Vanilla Iced Coffee with Cashew Milk - Sunkissed Kitchen

It is a general daily drink which can be made more unique and delicious by putting a little bit of efforts. So try these recipes and make it somewhat interesting than before.

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