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Nightingale of Kuala Lumpur is the most expensive dress single made and you must be a flitty rich to get that dress.

Well guess the cost of the dress till u reach the end of this post and you will be overwhelmed.

cost is so high you can’t even imagine. Lets See Why?

The nightingale dress

What Makes This Dress Expensive?

Encrusted with 751 diamonds weighing over 1,100 carats, the iconic “Nightingale of KL” .

This dress was showcased at the 2009 STYLO Fashion Grand Prix KL.

The creator for this smokin hot gown is Faisol Abdullah of Jendela KL.

The gown has a 6m long train studded with 750 pieces of diamonds and Swarovski crystals while a spectacular 70 carat tear drop diamond.

Sparkled on the gown’s left bustier now that’s what luxury feels like the diamond was from Mouawad.

“Diamond in a dress !”

The Dress Is So Costly You Can Just Buy A Plane.

Faisol Abdullah with the NIghtingale of KL

The team at Jendela KL is working on the dress & the 70 carat tear-drop diamond is set at the left side of the bustier.

With the bright color of red burgundy it makes the gown is super sexy and smokin hot!

This dress was so perfect and anyone who wore that gown must felt like a angel coming from heaven.

And looking at the price tag, well only angel can wore that gown!

It cost 30 million dollars  A former Malaysian model and actress, Kavitha Sidhu was give an honor to wore this gown. 

She look absolutely stunning! afterall come on it costed 30 million.

Well now you know what expensive looks like.

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