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Heels — they show us tall and stylish altogether. But if it comes to comfort then these are the most painful. But if you don’t want to compromise with these and to avoid pain, shoe-bite and blisters, then follow these tricks.

How to manage with heels for the whole day

Focus on your feet’s size and type so that you can choose the right footwear. Our feet’s size increase after a year specially after pregnancy. Due to extra weight, feet get flat and the size increases.

Shoes which are fitted over heels prevent us from slipping, pain and shoe blisters. Always try it before buying.

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Right Heels

If you don’t like less heels then choose the shoes with high block heels. It gives support to your body and corrects your posture.

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Footwear which covers your ankle are much comfortable with which you can balance yourself.

A good preparation

Can’t wait to wear a new pair of footwear? A good shoe-preparation can help you in avoiding pain for a day long.

Keep them in a refrigerator 20-30 minutes before wearing it. Cold heels get in shape of your feet and you will be comfortable.

Sole of new heels are much slippery. Rub their sole from sandpaper so that it will make the area rough and you won’t slip.

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Some Plans

Just like you, your feet also need relaxation. Whenever you get time, just sit and remove your footwear. And if you stay too long over your feet then menthol spray gives you relieve.

Always carry a bandage to cover blisters and shoe-bites.

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To-do at the End

To get prepared to wear them the next day, then put your feet in boil water and put some Epsom salt so as to get rid of pain.

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If you think that it needs more care then before sleeping, put the pillow under your feet. It will give relaxation to your feet and you will be ready to wear them next day.

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These tips will help you to make out with heels for the whole day.

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