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Do you all know that the most simple and silent people live in which country? 

Do you know any country where in mid night the sun rises? 

This country is the sixth largest country of Europe and its name is Norway. It has an area of 3,85,207 sq. km. 

This country shares its borders with Sweden, Russia, Finland and Denmark. Whether this country has a large area but the population is too less i.e., 5.4 million approximately. 

You will find  less number of people in Norway just because of its population and the people here are not much social.

 The 70% land area is green zone outside the city. Norway’s official name is Kingdom of Norway. 

Norway economic outlook: The recovery has begun

Here, if you have a pet dog, then you can’t bind your dog. 

There is also a rule that you can’t take any child who is 12 or less than 12 years old in a marketing advertisement. 

You will find people walking here on the roads only during office time in the morning or in the evening. 

In fact, on weekends also they will be seen only at pub or in the restaurants. 

The people believe that if you will take bath with cold water during winters, you’ll be happy. Its not any superstition but they have scientific reason behind this, that is, if you will take bath in cold water, there would be more blood circulation in your brain that makes you happy.

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The longest tunnel of the world is built in Norway which is 15 miles long (25 km). This tunnel is so beautiful from inside and you will feel like you have come to another world. 

You will be surprised to know that there is a small city here which is named as Hell and it is a popular destination for tourists. When you will come out from the railway station, you will get to know that why  the city is called as Hell. 

There are only forests and you would hear strange sounds. But needn’t to get scared because here also live around 1000 people. 


The people in Norway loves to study. During the evening, you will find maximum number of people spending their time in the library. If anyone here publishes a book, the government buys 1000 copies and keep those in libraries. This is the fact that “A small country is a rich country.” You will find every information of each individual about their earnings, expenses at the website. Everyone in this country is so rich and each individual has their own house.   

You will find this country a perfect place to spend your holidays. This place is way more beautiful than heaven.  

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