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We Indians are very fond of watching movies; especially the beautiful locations shown in those. You all must have remembered the movie DDLJ and the country that everyone liked the most.

No one can even resist from that place knowingly. It is so beautiful and everyone dreams to go there. A country famous for chocolates, cheese and beautiful sites. This country looks like a beautiful painting made by an artist. 

Not only its beauty is a site of attraction for everyone, this country is way too advanced from many countries in every way.

Do you all know Bern is the capital of which country and Zurich is the largest city of which country?

This country is well known for its chocolates. The Bern city is famous for making 7 Arab Toblerone chocolates every year. Toblerone is well known for having a triangular prism shape.

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This country is one of the richest countries of Europe and its main income is from tourism. 

Even though it is small, it is still in its economy and that’s why its currency value is more. Do you know Swiss Franc is the currency of which country (1 Swiss Franc is 77 rupees)?

Laws Of This Country

Apart from its beauty, it is also famous for its banking facilities in the world. There are a huge number of banks and too much of money in those banks that you can’t imagine or it can be called as black money. 

Here wine can only be sold till 10 pm. Every second man here has a rifle or pistols. It doesn’t need any army. Swiss army only keeps knives as a weapon and its colour is red so that it can be visible in snow.

In other countries, taking bribes is not permitted but here it is a law to take the bribe.

People and Their Lifestyle

Total population of this country is around 86 lakhs and 23% people are foreigners. Every person here lives a luxurious lifestyle.

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87% of the people are educated. After Japan, people of this country live more. The people have an average lifespan of around 86 years. 

Teaching profession is considered as the highest paid work here. From a survey it is found that a teacher has an average income of 68 thousand USD per annum. Holidays are given more to the teachers only.

With a lot of information that you have received till now after reading this, may I know about this place in the comments section?

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  • Shreya Maheshwari, January 16, 2021 @ 4:41 pm Reply

    Wow amazing content

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  • vinod, January 18, 2021 @ 10:45 am Reply

    Dont know but it feels like you are talking about switzerland ? Just a guess because of that tolberone is a swiss choclate.

  • rjfbxnrxb, March 15, 2021 @ 2:24 am Reply

    Hidden Planet in Earth That Everyone Must Know – Vogue Art

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